The spirit of giving has always played a large part in Jimi Petulla’s life, exemplified at a very personal level when he developed the habit of taking his children every Sunday to downtown Los Angeles with food prepared for the homeless. Today, Jimi is a faithful financial supporter of Doctors Without Borders, an organization that provides humanitarian medical assistance in nations where there is extreme need.

Jimi is also a firm believer that philanthropy should extend beyond charity alone, and should move toward empowering people for the future. It is this belief that fuels Jimi’s latest effort The Connectors, a reality show in which Jimi Petulla and Brian Kraft will give away 6-month apprenticeships in various professions to candidates who are in need who demonstrate the drive and courage to succeed. In this manner, Jimi hopes not only to give to those in need of financial assistance, but to enable them to take charge of their future through education.