The Connectors

The Connectors, the latest project by Jimi Petulla, is a reality show in which deserving candidates are given full scholarships to break into their dream careers.

Jimi is an innovator in the mentor-apprentice training method (that is, on-the-job training, one-on-one with a working professional), and has proven its effectiveness through the Recording, Radio and Film Connection. The Connectors will expand this concept even further, as Jimi (along with colleague Brian Kraft) travel the country, surprising candidates with fully-funded apprenticeships in the field of their choice—whether film, radio, recording, fashion design, culinary arts, or other careers.

The seed for The Connectors was sown when Brian Kraft was invited to give away a scholarship for the Film Connection to a reformed drug dealer named Tracy Wilson on Dr. Drew’s Lifechangers. The experience proved to be as life-altering for Brian as it was for Tracy. “I was profoundly moved by giving,” Brian says, “to the point where I realized I like giving better than getting. I’m not talking about giving away for things for free, and charity, but giving people the gift of knowledge so they can empower themselves.” Brian shared his experience with Jimi, who shares a similar heart for giving, and they collaborated on the idea of giving away mentor-apprentice scholarships, not just in radio, film and recording, but in other career fields as well.

The end result is The Connectors, a reality show that is more than entertainment—a show that will not only change the lives of the participants, but will hopefully inspire many other people to pursue their dreams.